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FamilySearch indexing: Field labels and field help instructions

Who decides what we will be indexing from an image?

How do I know what to index from an image?

What is a field?

What are field helps?


Field Labels

The following two factors determine which information is indexed from a document:

  • Our contract with the record custodian.
  • Our plans for the index.

Each item of information is referred to as a “field.” As much as possible, the fields in the data entry area are labeled to match the labels used on the original document. For instance, the principal's name field on a Death Certificate may read Full Name. The corresponding field in the data entry area would be labeled "Full Name: Given Name" and "Full Name: Surname" to indicate that the information is found in the Full Name field on the document, but it is indexed in two separate fields.

Field Help Instructions

Help for a particular field is located at the right side of the data entry area under the heading Field Help. Click on the Field Help tab to reveal the field helps. Field help is specific to each field. As you move from field to field, corresponding instructions explain how to index each field. Carefully review these directions while you index.

The Field Help window size is adjustable. To change the size of the window, drag the dividing bar on the left side of the window to the size you prefer. To do this, slide your cursor slowly over the bar on your data entry page as indicated by the red oval below.  When you see a double arrow, left click your mouse and hold it down while you slide the dividing bar to the left or the right.  When it is the size you want, release the left click on your mouse.

Note: Be aware that the dividing bar cannot be moved all the way to the right.

To learn about how the FamilySearch indexing system works, pressF1 from anywhere within the Indexing program.

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