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Indexing Project Updates: UK, Manchester - Parish Registers, 1813-1925
Links to Project Instructions

Please review the project instructions at the links below before indexing batches. Review the information below the links for updates/revisions to the original project instructions.


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Sample Images

  • There are three types of records in this project.

  1. Christening(also includes baptisms and births)
  2. Marriage(also include banns of marriages)
  3. Burial(also include deaths)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I downloaded a batch of records from an industrial school.  What do I do with them?

A.  They should be marked as No Extractable Data and submitted.

Project Revisions and Reminders

Records from 1600's

This project has some images that are from the 1600's.  These records need to be indexed.  Please do not submit as No Extractable Data.


Groom's and Bride's Condition:

Please be aware that the wordsspinster andbachelor which are asked for in this field do not show up in the drop-down list until you scroll down to see them.  If you begin typing the words into the field,bachelor will autofill after you hit the letter b.  However,spinster will not autofill until after you hit the second letter.

Tip for deciphering the names of bride and groom on marriage records:

The names are repeated in the signatures, so check there as well as the name on the top of the document. 


Record Type in Film Number 004451917:

Batches 714-1050 in this film are marriage banns and should be indexed using marriage record type.  On many of them, the marriage date may be found under the Remarks column on the right.  If there is not a marriage date given, use the last date which is found under the column titled When Published on the left side of the image.  For more information about marriage banns, clickhere.

When to use the Record Type Other:

Do not use 'Other' record type to index secondary individuals such as witnesses, ministers, etc. on baptism, marriage or burial records when the name of the primary individual is on the record. 


Please use Record Type Other for the following:


  • When there are records other than christenings, marriages or burials such as wills, court records, parish appointments, etc. If there are names on the records, index them using ‘Other’ record type.

  • A record which does not include the name of the primary person to which the record pertains, but does include the name of another individual, and there is no field in which to index that name.


Duplicate Images: 

Some records may have been filmed more than once.  For help with duplicate images, see knowledge document 101886

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