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Features of the Search Results page in Historical Records
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Understanding the Search Results Screen


When a search is performed within Historical Records at FamilySearch, the results will be displayed in a columnar format.  This layout makes viewing search results easy by clustering information into similar groupings within columns and also by providing a quick overview of the information that can easily be filtered by the human eye. 


A global search for the name Luckcuck returned the following results.  It is easy to discern records with a common parentage, such as Glen and Helen Luckcuck, whose parents are John and Flora Luckcuck and also to view the state of residence, Oklahoma, and the years of births. This essential information can quickly help to determine if these are the correct results. 


Understanding the Ranking of Search Results


Each search field contributes to the overall ranking, based on its importance, for example, the "Surname" contributes more than the "Residence".


The amount that each field contributes is weighted on whether the match is exact, close or missing from the record. "Exact" contributes the most, "Close" contributes less and "Missing" subtracts a little from the overall ranking.






Viewing Additional Information about the Individual


The Record Details for the person can be viewed in two Ways:


  • Preview: Click on the down arrow in the upper right of the desired name.

  • Detailed View: Click on the name of the person.


Preview Screen



The Preview may be closed by clicking on the up arrow in the upper right hand corner.



Detail Screen




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Printing the Search Results Screen

  1. Select the entire or partial list by dragging the mouse over the text.

  2. Copy the text.

  3. Open a word processing program and Paste.

  4. Remove the unwanted text from the top of the screen.

  5. Hint: it is a good idea to record in the document, the search criteria that you used to generate the results.

  6. Print the list.

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