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"Qualified Account" FAQs
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  • What is a Qualified Account?

  • What is a Qualified User?



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"Qualified Account" Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions:

  • What are FamilySearch Qualified Accounts?

    • Qualified Accounts give individuals access to view information (images and indexes) in some record collections on that might otherwise be unavailable or that a researcher might otherwise have to pay to view. While FamilySearch does not charge for viewing the information, sometimes the record owners do.

  • What are Member Accounts?

    • Member Accounts are all accounts that do not have Qualified Account status.

  • Why does FamilySearch require Qualified Accounts to view certain images?

    • Since we do not own all of the collections we publish, and some record owners require compensation to maintain their collection, qualified account benefits enable more collections to be available for research to more people. FamilySearch invests in private archives by preserving records and making such collections searchable.
      FamilySearch and some archives have agreed by contract to allow access to individuals who make a significant contribution to the process. Without a Qualified Account, a researcher can usually search the indexes of restricted collections; however, the images might not be freely available.

  • How do I get a Qualified Account? Are the benefits available to everyone?

    • Yes, benefits are available to everyone through any of the methods listed:

      • Index records and earn 900 points within a calendar quarter.

      • Belong to a sponsoring organization, such as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or another company or society that sponsors FamilySearch.

      • Additional methods of contributing to FamilySearch might also qualify an account in the future.

    • In the future, family history centers located around the world are going to receive access to restricted collections as well.

  • Why do members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints receive Qualified Account status?

    • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the largest sponsoring organization of FamilySearch. Funded by the contributions of church members, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints invests in records and resources for family history research. Access to such resources is extended to the general community whenever possible.

  • What is the difference between being a “Member” and having a "Qualified Account"?

    • A member is anyone who has registered for a FamilySearch account. Some collections require the researcher to at least be a member in order to view the information in the collection. A Qualified Account holder is someone who has qualified based on the guidelines indicated above.

  • Are collections ever restricted so that Qualified Account holders cannot view them?

    • Indexes for most collections are available to Qualified Account holders; however, some archives require that the images be viewed on their websites, and at times individual archives might charge to view their images.  In some instances, the archives might not allow Qualified Users to view images; rights can vary collection by collection, diocese by diocese, or locality by locality as proscribed by the record custodians.

Indexing Specific Questions: 

  • When do I have to earn points to extend my membership?

    • 900 points must be earned during a calendar quarter. The first quarter of the year is January through March; the second quarter is April through June, and so on.

    • Once 900 points are earned, Qualified Account status is immediately given for the rest of the current quarter and the next quarter. For example, if someone indexes 900 points during July, that individual earns a Qualified Account status that lasts through December.

  • At the end of every quarter, the qualifying points are reset to zero, much like a cell phone plan that does not carry over minutes between months.

  • Why is my expiration date "Never"?

    • If the expiration date is “Never,” that individual is a member of a sponsoring organization that does not need to earn points to have a Qualified Account.

  • Why don’t the names indexed add up to what the points are?

    • Points are calculated from the number of names indexed, and are given based on the difficulty of the record. Projects that are easier to index are generally worth fewer points, but at least one point is given for each name indexed.

  • How much do I have to index to earn 900 points?

    • Indexing for approximately a half hour every week would usually earn the qualifying 900 points in a calendar quarter.

  • Where do I find out how many points I currently have or whether mine is a Qualified Account?

    • Sign in to the indexing website at  The screen automatically opens to the My Info page.  (Individuals with Administrative responsibilities, including Stake Indexing Directors, need to click My Info in the upper right corner of the screen to get to the correct page.)  Click My History on the left to see personal statistics.  The information under FamilySearch Membership Status shows whether the account is a Member or a Qualified Account and the number of points required to attain a Qualified Account.  If already qualified, My History shows how many points need to be earned during the calendar quarter to retain the Qualified Account for the next quarter.


Calendar Quarter

Three (3) months of a year; the four quarters are defined as: January-March, April-June, July-September, October-December.


A group of similar records that is searchable on Historical Records, such as England birth records, for example.

Restricted Collections

Collections in which either the index or the images cannot be viewed without being a FamilySearch member or a Qualified Account holder.


Someone who has registered for a FamilySearch account.

Qualified Account holder

Someone who has qualified to gain additional access to record collections due to indexing 900 points in a calendar quarter or being a member of a sponsoring organization.

Qualified User

Someone who has a Qualified Account.


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