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new FamilySearch: How to submit names for temple ordinances

What is the process for submitting temple ordinances?

How do I add names to my temple list?

How do I reserve ordinances?

How can I get or create a temple list?


In the new FamilySearch, the process of preparing names for temple ordinances is simple. To prepare names for the temple, you will need to do the following tasks:

  1. Select the individual whose ordinances you want to do.
  2. Check the new FamilySearch to see if ordinances have already been completed by looking for and combining duplicates. To do this, select Parents and Siblings, Spouses and Children, and Possible Duplicates for each individual (see KD 100986 for more information).
  3. Get permission from immediate family members (living spouse, children, parents, or siblings) of the deceased person (or persons) for whom you want to prepare a Family Ordinance Request (FOR) if he or she was born less than 95 years ago.
  4. Go to the LDS Ordinances screen for the individual(s) for whom you are preparing an FOR.
  5. If the status of any ordinance shows Ready, click on the button This individual needs temple ordinances. Click here to do them.
  6. Click on Continue.
  7. Review the policies if you have not done so, and click on the box next to the words I have read and will comply with the above statements, and click on Add to Temple Ordinances List.
  8. Click on Go to Temple List.
  9. On the Temple Ordinances list, click on the box(es) next to the name(s) of the individual(s) for whom you want to print an FOR, and then click on Print Request (found just above the list of names on the left side of the names list).
  10. Take the Family Ordinance Request to the temple.
  11. Have temple workers print ordinance cards for you.
  12. Perform the ordinances yourself, or give the cards to those who will do the ordinances.
  13. Check the new FamilySearch to see that the ordinances show as having been completed.

 Note: For additional information on how to select individuals for ordinances, see KD 103408.


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