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Indexing Overlays
Symptoms (Problems)
  • How do I index a record that has an overlay?

  • My image shows a piece of paper on top of the document I am supposed to index.

  • What do I do with other documents that cover my image?

Answer (Resolution)

An overlay is a document that covers a portion of the original record.  Usually, you find two images in a row because two pictures would have been taken, one with the overlay showing and one without.




To determine how to index the information correctly, read the project instructions carefully.  Instructions on how to handle overlays in one project might not apply to overlays in another project.  To find the instructions, click the Project Information tab to the right of the data entry area.  If the project instructions do not address how to handle overlays:

1. Indexing the overlay:

Read through the overlay to determine whether information that matches the type of information you are gathering in the project is found on the overlay (for example, additional information on a birth if you are capturing birth records).  If the overlay has extractable information that matches the type of information you are indexing in the project, go ahead and index that information.  If not, do not index information from the overlay; see step 3.

2. Indexing the information behind the overlay:

    • If the information behind the overlay is a duplicate of information that is fully shown on another image in your batch, do not index the information; see step 3.

    • If the information behind the overlay seems to be unique and is not included on another image in your batch, index as much as you can see.

3. If neither the overlay nor the information behind the overlay needs to be indexed for your image, mark the image as No Extractable Data.

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