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Indexing project updates: St Petersburg Kirchenbuchduplikat 1833-1885
Links to Project Instructions

Please review the project instructions at the links below before indexing batches. Review the information below the links for updates/revisions to the original project instructions


Project Home Page | Project-Specific Instructions | Field Helps

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Project Revisions and Reminders

German Handwriting Help:

Possessive Name Suffixes:

  • Do not index possessive name suffixes, such as -in, -en, -s, or –ens, on given names and surnames. Only index the root form of the name.

  • For example, if the entry reads “Sohn der Katharina Müllerin“ index the name “Müllerin” as Müller; or if the entry reads “Sohn des Martin Schmidts”, index the name “Schmidts” as Schmidt.

Arbitrator Helps

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