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Blank indexing images and how to mark them
Symptoms (Problems)
  • How do I determine if an image is blank?

  • How do I index and submit a blank image?

Answer (Resolution)

Two types of blank images are possible:

1. A completely blank screen.

  • Before marking an image as blank and submitting, first reduce the screen to 10%.  Sometimes only a portion of the screen is blank, and by viewing the entire image, the remaining data becomes visible.

  • Click the Image Navigation window to see if any image is displayed. After using the Image Navigation tool, click the Field Help tab to close Image Navigation.


 2. A printed form which contains no vital information.

a. The form might even have some header information, but contains no names, dates, or places written.

 To mark an image as blank:

  1. Below the image and the toolbar on the indexing screen, click the Header Data tab to open the Header Data window. Type Blank Image or click Blank Image from the drop-down menu.

  2. Click Yes on the warning message.

  3. Submit the batch.



(Submit Icon)


Do not return the batch. If the batch is returned, someone else has to do the review and mark the page as blank.


Note:  If the batch contains other extractable images, finish indexing before submitting the batch.


Note:  If the image contains some extractable data, refer to 101440.

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