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Indexing project updates: St Petersburg Kirchenbuchduplikat 1833-1885
Links to Project Instructions

Please review the project instructions at the links below before indexing batches. Review the information below the links for updates or revisions to the original project instructions


Project Home Page | Project-Specific Instructions | Field Helps

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Project Revisions and Reminders

German Handwriting Help:

Possessive Name Suffixes:

  • Do not index possessive name suffixes, such as -in, -en, -s, or –ens, on given names and surnames. Index only the root form of the name.

  • For example, if the entry reads “Sohn der Katharina Müllerin,“ index the name “Müllerin” as Müller; or if the entry reads “Sohn des Martin Schmidts,” index the name “Schmidts” as Schmidt.

Arbitrator Helps

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