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Register and get started as a new indexing volunteer
Symptoms (Problems)
  • How do I sign up or volunteer for FamilySearch indexing?

  • I am new to indexing; how do I start?

  • What are the steps to register to be an indexing volunteer?

  • How can I learn how to index?

Answer (Resolution)

Registration for Indexing


Before you register, we strongly suggest that you complete the indexing tutorial. Click here to go to the indexing site to complete lesson 1 of the tutorial.


1. From the indexing website at, click Get Started.

2. The program downloads when you click the Download Now button.


If you have questions about the program, system requirements, or the FamilySearch account, click the question to view the answer before you click Download Now.

3. Complete the steps on the screen to run the installation program and install FamilySearch indexing on your computer.

4. If you already have an LDS Account or FamilySearch Account, sign in with the same user name and password. If not, click Register for a New Account.


5a. LDS Account holders are asked to select their stake and ward and enter their telephone number.


For additional information about entering a stake in your profile, see 111199.

5b. FamilySearch Account holders are asked to select a country, an LDS stake, or another group. You also have the option to not select any group. You can learn the benefits of selecting a group by clicking Why when you get to that part of the set-up screens.


For additional information about selecting a country, LDS stake, or another group, see 111199.

6. Read the license agreement, and then click the I Agree box. Click OK.

7. Click Play Video to see a video for the FamilySearch indexing program.

8. The Quick Start video begins to play. After you are finished with the video, click the red box with the white X to return to the indexing application.

9. Click the Download Batch button to download your first batch.

10. For new indexers, when viewing the Download Batch window for the first time, you are given only one choice to download. After your first few batches, other options are available.


Click on the project name, and then click OK.


The View Sample button allows the indexer to view one image from the batch before deciding to download from the project.

11. When the batch downloads, a reminder of the importance of reading the instructions appears. Please read the Field Helps and Project Information before indexing each project.

12. After a batch is finished, a message comes up to let you know that the Quality Check is about to begin checking for entries that are not consistent with the Lookup lists. Click OK. For further information concerning the Quality Check, click here.

13. The final step is to click Yes to submit the finished batch.

14. Click Download Batch. Doing so displays more projects from which to choose.


Suggestion: After indexing one or two batches, go back and review the tutorial or the Quick Start video. The instructions make more sense and are easier to understand after you have tried indexing a batch or two.

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