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Memorandums for indexing
Symptoms (Problems)

Here is a list of links to some of the publications listed in the Help section of the FamilySearch indexing website.

Answer (Resolution)

Family Record Extraction Memorandum--Jan/Feb 2009. Includes:

  • Indexing Tip: Adjust Highlights using the Ctrl key
  • UDE Tip: Two Reminders (Reference IDs and U.S. localities)

  • Finding Answers--List of available resources

Family Record Extraction Memorandum--Nov/Dec 2008. Includes:

  • Administration Tip: Returned Batches

  • Indexing Tip: Capital S vs. Capital L

  • How to return old UDE inventory

  • Updated indexing support hours

Family Record Extraction Memorandum--Sep/Oct 2008. Includes:

  • Spread the Word: Indexing Flyer

  • Administration Tip: Removing a User

  • Interesting Fact: Record Search

  • Project Revision Pages

Family Record Extraction Memorandum--Jul/Aug 2008. Includes:

  • How an administrator can send broadcast messages

  • How to order Cheshire Batches in UDE

  • The importance of reading the project instructions and Field Helps on projects

  • Revised and updated tutorials now available

Family Record Extraction Memorandum--May/Jun 2008. Includes:

  • How to download and distribute administration reports in a CSV format

  • Windows and indexing keyboard shortcuts

  • How to enter your name and stake information on UDE batches

  • Granite Mountain Records Vault capacity

  • New Indexing Support e-mail address change

Family Record Extraction Memorandum--Mar/Apr 2008. Includes:

  • New FamilySearch indexing program features

  • How to use the indexing image tools

  • How to combine packets in UDE

  • How to create an indexing training account

  • How to use the Ask a Question feature in indexing

Family Record Extraction Memorandum--Jan/Feb 2008. Includes:

  • 1900 U. S. Census completion

  • Arbitration Tip: Who, when, how to assign

  • Two types of blank images

  • What are the ages of indexers

  • Support contact information

Family Record Extraction Memorandum--Nov/Dec 2007. Includes:

  • FamilySearch indexing 2.5 release

  • Handwriting helps--"f" and "p" and double "s"

  • How to determine the age from supporting data

  • UDE returning batches

  • UDE accomplishments

Family Record Extraction Memorandum--Sep/Oct 2007. Includes:

  • Instructions for the new census projects (How to index places, unknown)

  • How to index names

  • UDE batch submission

  • How to access Spanish instructions for the 1930 Mexico census

Family Record Extraction Memorandum--Jul/Aug 2007. Includes:

  • Helps for accessing the Family Record Extraction Administrative Handbook online

  • Instructions for turning off autocompletion

  • How to align the data entry screen

  • UDE reminders

Family Record Extraction Memorandum--May/Jun 2007. Includes:

  • Information about sending broadcast messages

  • Help for printing the tutorial handouts in PDF format

  • Helps for indexing Chinese names

  • Reminders to index only the general population schedules, not the Indian or military schedules

Family Record Extraction Memorandum--March/April 2007. Includes:

  • Reminder to review project instructions

  • Help for indexing the most complete name

  • How to identify and mark blank images

  • How to edit a user's information

Family Record Extraction Memorandum--January/February 2007. Includes:

  • Help and information for new extraction directors

  • Explanation of the "type what you see" guideline

  • Explanation of project-specific guidelines

  • Help for setting up and working with new indexing users

Family Record Extraction Memorandum--November/December 2006. Includes: 

  • Clarifications on calling for support

  • Clarifications on punctuation rules

  • Information about updates to FamilySearch indexing

  • Changes in memorandum distribution

  • UDE submission and FamilySearch indexing help 

Family Record Extraction Memorandum--September/October 2006. Includes:

  • Administration portal information for stake leaders

  • How to work with a dial-up connection

  • Punctuation rules for FamilySearch indexing

  • E-mail addresses for directors and patrons to use

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