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How to locate and search the International Genealogical Index (IGI)
Symptoms (Problems)
  • How do I locate the International Genealogical Index (IGI) on the FamilySearch site?

  • How do I search the IGI?

  • Why are there two types of IGI records and what is the difference?

  • I cannot find a record that was previously available in the IGI.

  • How do I search the IGI by batch number?

  • Can I search by film number?

  • Why do I see batch numbers on FamilyTree which can no longer be found in the IGI collection?

  • Why, when I search the IGI on the FamilySearch site, am I unable to find records which were available on the classic site?

  • What criterion was used to determine which batches would be shown on the website.

  • Where can I find a list explaining what the Batch Numbers mean?

Answer (Resolution)



All of the International Genealogical Index (IGI) records are available on the FamilySearch website.  While many genealogists found the IGI useful, its mix of community indexed sources and community contributed records meant that not all of its data was equally reliable.  This problem has been addressed by creating two IGI collections, both searchable from the International Collection search page. 

  • Community Indexed IGI

Consists of sources that were indexed by the genealogical community from collections of vital and church records. *They are considered an excellent source of primary genealogical information because they were indexed from the original films. 

Many original IGI records have been migrated, Vital Records (VR) and Extraction Admin System (EASy), to other collections and cannot be found on the IGI search page; use the general search page on FamilySearch to find these records.  The only records found on the IGI search page are Ordinance Data Management (ODM) records.


  • Community Contributed IGI

Consists of personal family information submitted by individuals.  *Many contributions represent conclusions of the submitter and have not always been verified using primary sources.  


There are several search options for locating IGI records.


1.  Locate by using This will search all of  Use options 2 and 3 to search for Community Contributed IGI.

2.  Locate by location. 

3.  Use a Batch Number Search.

4.  Search by Film Number


Locate by using the General Search (see above)


Click on, and search for an individual using the form on the main page.  This will search all the FamilySearch collections, including Community Indexed IGI. 



For hints on how to search, please review:How to find an ancestor using


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Locate by location 


To search by particular region, country, or collection, go to



Scroll down the home page to the Browse All Published Collections section.



 Click on the desired region, such as United States. (The IGI can be accessed from any locality page, but they all contain the entire IGI collection)




In the Collection Name box, type either IGI or Int



 Click on International Genealogical Index (IGI).




As shown by the red boxes, there are two search options, Community Indexed IGI and Community Contributed IGI (see above).   Click the radio buttons to select which collection/s you would like to search.  


For hints on how to search, please review: How to find an ancestor using


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Batch Number Search


The batch number represents a record group based on specific locality and a time frame. Batch numbers differ between the Community Indexed IGI and the Community Contributed IGI.


1. Community Indexed IGI batch search is very valuable when you want to search for names in a specific locality and time frame. Batch numbers are preceeded by letters.  For an description of batch numbers, see the research wiki articles "IGI Batch Number Descriptions."




This sample of the detail screen shows the batch number.




Add the Indexing project (batch) number into the Batch Number box, and click Search.

2. Community Contributed IGI batch search is very valuable when you want to search for names that were submitted by the same submitter.  Batch numbers, with the exceptions of L batches, will contain only numbers.



Sample of the detail screen showing the batch number. Notice the batch number is a hyperlink. 



Since the batch number has a hyperlink, you may click on the hyperlink or type the number in the Batch Number box.


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Search by Film Number


Warning: This only works with Community Indexed IGI only.


This option displays all the indexed information from that film.



Type in or copy/paste into the film number box and click on search.


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