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Correcting Errors in Historical Records
Symptoms (Problems)
  • Can a name that has been indexed incorrectly, or was spelled wrong in the record, or due to poor handwriting, be corrected?
  • Can I add an alternate spelling to an indexed record?
  • Can I correct the life event date that has been indexed incorrectly? e.g., 7 May 1860 should be 7 Mar 1860.
Answer (Resolution)

Thank you for contacting FamilySearch requesting that a transcription error in our indexed records be corrected. Errors occur in the indexed records for a variety of reasons, sometimes by the recorder/transcriber, and other times by those who created the original record.


FamilySearch is currently making corrections to indexed records with transcription errors, and will add your request to our list. However, it may be some time before you will see the correction as we have a large backlog.


When reporting an error in indexed records, please include the following information:

  • Title of the Collection

  • URL (web address - select and copy the address in the Address bar) to the indexed record details.

  • Information to be corrected

Thank you for taking the time to report this error.  We appreciate our patrons reporting transcription errors that they find.  This assistance helps FamilySearch improve the quality and accuracy of its online records. 


We wish you success in searching for your ancestors.

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