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Cautions when using Ancestral File, IGI and Pedigree Resource File as a source document.
Symptoms (Problems)

Why are there so many errors in Ancestral File, IGI  and Pedigree Resource file?

Answer (Resolution)

Because of the nature of the data found in family records and pedigrees on the Ancestral File and Pedigree Resource File, many errors exist. The IGI used this data as well and thus also contains many errors.


Most patrons who submitted contributions to the Ancestral File and the Pedigree Resource File, gave information to the best of their knowledge at the time. However, not all the data in a contribution was well documented from trustworthy sources. Corrections to many Ancestral File errors were made in contributions to the Pedigree Resource File.


The information in these records should be considered as useful clues and not absolute facts. Before you rely on this information you should carefully review the data and verify that the sources are accurate. Using these resources as a primary source is not a sound practice.


The FamilyTree program is a worldwide effort to consolidate, organize and correct family data.

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