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Unable to submit an indexing batch
Symptoms (Problems)
  • I get an error message when I try to submit a batch.

  • I am unable to submit an indexing or arbitration batch after finishing.


Answer (Resolution)

If you are unable to submit a completed batch that has been indexed or arbitrated, try the following:

  1. If the Submit option is grayed out, the program is not connected to the Internet, or this is a "shared batch" that is owned by someone else. (From the main menu, click File. The Submit option will be in the drop-down menu.) You can only submit a batch while you are connected to the Internet.

  2. Verify that there are the correct number of lines in the data entry area to enter all of the records in the batch. Check for additional lines that may have accidentally been added at the end of the data entry area.  To delete additional records that should not have been added, click Tools, and then click Records per Image to set the total number of records in the batch, or use the icon to remove added lines.  If there are more data entry lines than you have records to index on the image, and you can’t reduce the number of records per image, mark the additional lines blank. For additional information on setting the number of records per image, click here. Or for additional information on what to do with blank lines in a batch, click here.

  3. Check to make sure the header data is complete on each image. Refer to 107191, How do I index or arbitrate the header data, for help if needed.

  4. Check to be sure that the batch is completely indexed or arbitrated with all the "Required" fields completed. An incomplete batch cannot be submitted.

Click the Quality Checker tab to the right of the data entry section to verify that there are no red underlined or color-shaded entries. If there are underlined or color-shaded entries, correct or accept as needed.


5.  The FamilySearch indexing server may be having problems. You can check by going to If you see the announcement that indexing is down for maintenance, please try again later.

6.  Close the FamilySearch indexing program, and reopen the batch. Once again, try to submit it.

7.  Security software (such as anti-virus, Internet security, anti-spyware, and similar software) may be blocking access to the FamilySearch indexing server. If you think this is the case, contact the software manufacturer for assistance.

8.  A temporary issue with the Quality checker is stopping it from coming up automatically after all the arbitration issues have been resolved.  The dialogue box that normally appears asking if the indexer wishes to submit the batch is not being displayed.  To resolve this issue:

  • Click the Quality Checker tab to bring up the Quality Checker process.

  • Click the submit icon on the button panel or from the File menu, when the Quality Checker is complete.

9.  If these steps fail to solve the problem, please contact FamilySearch indexing toll free at 1-866-406-1830, or you can e-mail Support at

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