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Requests to index a private collection (or specific project) or make donations to the Family History Library
Instructions for Area Support

1.  If taking a phone call create the case with the information requested in the Answers field.

2.  If working an email case from a patron who has a donation for the library (the patron wants something filmed), send the information to Carolyn Bellamy at

3.  Close case.

Symptoms (Problems)
  • How to include private collections in FamilySearch or Historical Records
  • How to collaborate with the Church to get records, such as a census or vital records, published on the Internet
  • Questions about the Record Access program

  • We have a private collection that we would like to see indexed and added to Historical Records, how do we proceed?

Answer (Resolution)

FamilySearch would like to speak with anyone who would like to partner with us to include collections in Historical Records.  Please provide the information listed below, so that we can call or write to discuss the matter further:

1.  The name of the society/library/archive

2.  The address of the society/library/archive

3.  What kind of collection / records are being proposed (marriage, death, etc.)?

a.  For which location?

b.  And which time period?

4.  Additional information about the importance of the collection

5.  The person to contact within the organization

6.  Their position (how is the individual affiliated with the society?)

7.  The contact person’s phone number

8.  The contact person’s email

9.  Who is the original owner of the records?

Email all of the requested information to, attention Carolyn Bellamy.


For questions about donating entire collections to the Family History Library, see 101707.

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