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New features in the FamilySearch indexing program (8 June 2009)

New and updated features introduced into the indexing application on June 1 are:

  1. Tip of the Day. A dialog box titled “Tip of the Day” will greet you when you sign in to the indexing application. A new tip will appear each time you sign in.

    You can stop the tip of the day from appearing by clicking theShow tips at start-up box to remove the check mark. You can turn the feature back on by doing the following:

    1. Click theTools menu.

    2. ClickOptions.

    3. On theDisplay tab, click the Show Tip of the Day box.

      The tip of the day will appear again next time you sign in.

  2. Batch Sharing. This feature allows volunteers (indexers, arbitrators, administrators, Indexing Support, etc.) to collaborate on a batch. Here is a brief description of how it works.

    1. The first indexer shares a batch that he or she has already downloaded, and receives an assigned number.

    2. The first indexer sends this number to the second indexer so he or she can view the batch.

    3. The second indexer signs in to the Indexing application and views the shared batch.

      Note: The Save and Submit buttons and the Save, Submit, and Return Batch… options in the File menu will be inactive. These are made inactive because the batch is downloaded for viewing only. All other functionality remains active. Although the second indexer can change values and run the Quality Checker, none of the changes that the person makes will be saved or affect the batch in any way.

      Click here to learn more details about this exciting new capability.

  3. Project Selection Dialog Box. The Project Selection dialog box (which appears when you click theDownloadBatch button) has a new look and new features.

    1. You have the choice to view all projects or only those that match your preferences.

      Note: Selecting Show preferred projects may result in an empty list if no available projects meet your preferences.

    2. An Edit Preferences link will take you to your My Preferences page. (For more information, refer to User Preferences under the “New and updated website features” heading below.)

    3. The difficulty level of each project is displayed.

    4. Double-clicking on a project listed will download a batch.

  4. Fields Marked for Review. You can choose to display either the red wavy line or the colored background in fields marked for review. You can also change the color and transparency of the background. To adjust these options:

    1. Click theTools menu.

    2. ClickOptions.

    3. Click theDisplay tab, if it is not already selected.

    4. Click the Display background color in fields marked for review instead of wavy underline box to remove the check mark and request the red wavy line instead of the colored background.

    5. With the Display background color in fields marked for review instead of wavy underline box checked, select a color for the background from the Error Color drop-down list.

    6. Adjust the transparency of the background color by using the slider bar. Sliding to the left decreases the intensity and to the right increases the intensity.

  5. Image Type. Image Type will now be the first field in every batch. You will select the description of each image (such asNormal, Blank, orDuplicate) from the list provided.

  6. Header Data Tab. This new tab in the data entry area will enable indexers to enter information that applies to an entire document just once. Not all batches will include this tab, but if it is included, it will open first when you download a batch.

    1. The tab appears with the other entry tabs and displays fields in a vertical format.

    2. Required Header Data fields receive the same treatment by the Quality Checker as all other required fields. Batches must have values for these fields entered, or be marked blank, before the batch may be submitted.

  7. New Icons. The icons used to mark a field or record as unreadable will have a blue question mark on them instead of a red slash.

  8. Mid-Batch Quality Check. If you click the Quality Checker tab while indexing a batch (before getting to the last field of the last record), Quality Checker will compare all the information you indexed up to that point. Empty fields, whether they are required or not, are ignored.

  9. Completion Quality Check.  When you reach the last field in the batch and press Tab or Enter, if at least one field from every record has a value entered, the application will display the message, “Congratulations! You have reached the end of the batch. Would you like to run the Quality Checker now?” Clicking No dismisses the dialog, and no further action is taken. Clicking Yes dismisses the dialog, marks for quality check any required fields that do not have an entry, and selects the Quality Checker tab.

New and updated website features:

  1. User Preferences. Indexers may now set preferences about the kind of batches they want to download. The following list describes the details indexers will need to know to set and use the new My Preferences feature.

        Setting preferences is done through the Indexing website. To set your preferences:

  1. Go to

  2. Click theSign In link in the upper right corner of the window.

  3. Enter your user name and password.

  4. ClickOK.

  5. Your My Info page should appear. If it does not, click the My Info link in the upper right corner of the window.

  6. Click My Preferences on the left side of the window.

  7. ClickEdit.

  8. Select your preferences.

    • You may only select one project difficulty level.

    • You may select any number of languages, or click the All Languages box.

      Note:  Selecting All Languages will deselect any of the individual languages previously selected.

  9. ClickSave.

     Indexers may also get to the My Preferences page using the link on the indexing application’s Download From… (or Project Selection) dialog box. Note: You will still need to sign in to the website.

 2. Password. The password requirements for new indexing accounts have changed. The indexer’s password must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one number and one letter. There is no requirement that the password contain a symbol. Note: The new password requirements also apply to current indexers who change their passwords.

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