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Indexing Project Updates: Netherlands - Civil Registrations of Birth, 1870-1882
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Patronymic Names

  • When these records were created, patronymics were often used as middle names or in place of family names.
  • The name is patronymic if it ends in "-s," "-sd," "-sdr", "-se," "-sen," "-sse," "-ss," or "-sz." For example, in the name Steven Dirksen van Beekhuisen, the given name is "Steven," the patronymic name is "Dirksen," and the surname is "van Beekhuisen." Similarly, in the name Jacobje Hendriks Ponstein, the given name is "Jacobje," the patronymic name is "Hendriks," and the surname is "Ponstein." Please use the name endings listed above as a guide while you index these records.

Surname Prefixes

  • The most common prefixes in Dutch surnames are "de," "van," "van de," "van der," "van den," "te," "ter," or "ten." Please use these name prefixes to help you identify the surname.
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