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Instructions for Area Support

The Institution version of Ancestry is accessible at all Orem and Salt Lake (West Office Building (WOB), Church Office Building (COB), North Office Building (NOB), Joseph Smith Memorial Building (JSMB), Family History Library (FHL) and Riverton Office Building (ROB)) buildings at


Other family history centers access the Library Edition from the FHC Portal.


Family Search does not offer support for the website.


If a director needs help deleting cookies or upgrading Internet Explorer, escalate a case to CHQ.

Symptoms (Problems)
  • What version of is available at the family history center?

  • is coming up with a blank screen or without a search button.

  • How is accessed at family history centers?

  • is asking for a user name and password when accessed through the FHC Portal.

Answer (Resolution) Library Edition is currently provided free of charge to all family history centers. Center patrons access the website through the Family History Center Portal at To open, click Premium Family History Websites as illustrated below.





If you find you are unable to access the Premium Family History Websites, click the links in the column headed NO WEBSITE ACCESS to verify that Tivoli is installed and run the new.PortalCfg.exe. If you can access other premium sites, but not, click the link in the column headed SPECIFIC SITE ACCESS for instructions.

If has a blank screen or missing search button, it is likely that the computer is running Internet Explorer 7. Upgrade to a current version of Internet Explorer to fix the problem. For help upgrading, call FamilySearch. Contact information is found at


If is requesting a user name and password try the following:

  1. Delete cookies on the machine. If you need help with this process, contact FamilySearch.

  2. Click the link illustrated above to run new.PortalCfg.exe.

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