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When I search for a person, why do I see results for a spouse, child, or parent in Historical Records?
Symptoms (Problems)

When I search for a person, why do I also see records of the parents, spouse, or child?

Answer (Resolution)

The Historical Records search engine is set up to find names in records. This means that when you search for the name of a particular person, the records of other people may show up in your results (these could be spouses, parents, or children of the individual). However, the name of the person you are looking for (or some variation of it) should appear somewhere on these records. (All names on the certificate or record are added to the search pool.)


The advantage of a name-based search is that it may help you find additional members of a family. For example, you may find the death record of a child you didn't know existed because the individual's name is listed on the record. Or if you do not know the name of the individual's spouse, searching for the person may bring up the death record for the spouse.


Note:  In the graphic below, the search was for Joseph Scionka. The search results was from the death certificate for his son Stanley Scionka. Stanley's father Joseph is shown in the yellow boxes.


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