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Indexing an index
Symptoms (Problems)
  • Should we be indexing indexes?

  • When should we index an index, or what looks like an index?

  • My document is an index of information that might be elsewhere.


Answer (Resolution)

An index is an image that includes names and page numbers only, or other outlined information only. We normally do not extract indexes--unless the instructions specifically tell us to--because that information is included elsewhere in the project. Mark such images as No Extractable Data, and submit the batch(s).

Exceptions to Note:

  • Some images are labeled as indexes at the top but do include vital information, such as names, dates, and places. We do extract the information. 

  • If the image is a list of names but is not labeled as an index and an indexer is unsure whether or not the names would be included elsewhere in the project, go ahead and index the information.

  • If the image is an index of marriages, only index the information if the document has the name of the bride and groom plus the event date. 

  • For other events or documents, index the information if names and dates are given.


To mark an image as No Extractable Data: 

  1. The image type is the first column or field in the data entry table or form.

  2. Click the Header Data tab in the lower left portion of the work page. 

  3. Click in the Image type field, and then click the drop-down arrow to display the choices available.

  4. Select No Extractable Data, and then press Tab or Enter.

  5. A warning message appears to remind indexers that choosing No Extractable Data deletes any data that was entered for the image.

  6. Click Yes to dismiss the warning. Fields have been populated with the designation No Extractable Data Image.

  7. Finish indexing any other images in the batch.

  8. Submit the batch.


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