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All temples record ordinances using the new FamilySearch system
Symptoms (Problems)
  • Is the IGI still being updated?

  • Where should I go to get the most current ordinance information?

  • How do I get ordinance cards if I do not access the new FamilySearch system?

  • Will the names show up in nFS regardless of how the patron submitted the names?

Answer (Resolution)

All temples will record ordinances using a new ordinance recording system. Completed ordinances will no longer be updated in the International Genealogical Index (IGI). To verify completed temple ordinances, go to, sign in, and search for the name of the person in whom you are interested. If you have not previously registered to use the new FamilySearch website, please do so now. You will need your membership record number and your birth date.

Family history consultants and family history center staff can also help members verify that an ancestor needs temple ordinances and help prepare ancestral names for temple ordinances:

  • Members who do not have access to a computer with Internet connection may request a family history consultant to assist in preparing deceased family names for temple ordinances. (For more information about being a helper, see 100546.) Note: If a helper reserves names for temple ordinances using helper information, the temple ordinance cards will display the name of the helper as the submitter.

  • Members who do not have access to a computer with an Internet connection may visit a family history center to request assistance in preparing names of deceased family members for temple ordinances.

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