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"Unable to display search results due to technical difficulties" error on
Symptoms (Problems)

  • I keep showing a Technical Difficulties error.
  • The web page just doesn't seem right.
  • I heard there are new options on the page, but I don't see them.
  • I have received the error message "We are unable to display search results due to technical difficulties. Please try searching again in a few minutes." on for the last few days.

  • The FamilySearch web page doesn't look right.

Answer (Resolution)

These situations may occur as a result of your browser drawing the FamilySearch web page using a cached copy of the page. You can tell the browser to get a fresh copy of the web page, directly from the server, by holding the Ctrl key while hitting the F5 key. The browser will then ignore any cached copy of the page and get a fresh copy.


NOTE: If you have set as your default start-up page, refer to KD 104067 to change the home page for Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Simply delete the address in the field and retype in the field. This should reset the cached default page.


If the server or program is causing the error then this will not resolve the error. In the case of a technical difficulties error or a system down error, please try again a little later.

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