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Separating statistics by ward or subgroup in reports
Symptoms (Problems)
I am a stake indexing director or group administrator, and I need to share the statistics for one ward or subgroup, but the Ward Statistics or Subgroup Statistics report includes all of the wards or subgroups. I want groups to see only their own statistics, not the statistics of all the other groups. Can I separate this information so I can send it to them?
Answer (Resolution)

Currently, there is not a specific report that can separate each ward's statistics into separate files. In order to separate these statistics, you need to generate a PDF report and create a Word document with the desired information. To do this, you should:

  1. Generate a Ward Statistics (or Subgroup Statistics) report in PDF format.

  2. Save the report using the built-in PDF toolbar. Remember the location where you save the file.

  3. Open the saved file.

  4. Click the icon with four arrows pointing out.

  5. ClickTools.

  6. Point atSelect and Zoom.

  7. ClickSnapshot Tool.

  8. Click once on the page you want to copy.

  9. ClickOKon the message that appears.

  10. Open Microsoft Word.

  11. PressCtrl+V.

  12. Resize the image to fit the page. To do this: 

a. Click the image.

b. Move your mouse to the bottom right corner of the image until the cursor changes to a double arrow.

c. Click and drag the corner of the image toward the bottom right corner of the page. (Be careful of the margins.)

 13.   Return to the PDF file. (Look for the PDF icon  at the bottom of your screen.)

 14.   Click once on the page to remove the highlight.

 15.   Go to the next page.

 16.   Click once on the page to copy it.

 17.   Click OK on the message that appears.

 18.   Return to the Word file. (Look for the Word icon  at the bottom of your screen.)

 19.   Click just outside the bottom right corner of the last image you pasted in.

 20.   Press Ctrl+V.

 21.   Repeat steps 13-20 for each page that contains information for the specified ward.

 22.   Save the Word file.

 23.   Open your e-mail program.

 24.   Create a new message.

 25.   Attach the Word file.

 26.   Send the message.


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