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Donations to FamilySearch or the Family History Library
Instructions for Area Support

The Family History Library welcomes donations of genealogical materials from societies, libraries, and patrons. Types of materials accepted:

  • Books

  • Manuscripts

  • Genealogies

  • Historical Records


The Library is unable to accept donations of artifacts, even if they are of a historical nature. Patrons wanting to donate items other than genealogical records should contact the Church History Library at 1-801-240-5696 or


Common patron questions about donations.

Patron would like to donate materials to the FHL:

  • If patron contacts FamilySearch by telephone or chat, create a case in Amdocs, and gather information about the type and scope of the donation.

  • Check FamilySearch Catalog to determine if FamilySearch already has a copy. The Family History Library does not accept more than one copy of a work.

  • For small donations, such as books, genealogies, etc., attach the answer portion of this KD to your response to the patron. The KD instructs them where and how to donate.

  • Requests to donate or film large collections from societies, libraries, or personal projects should be dispatched to FHL Rights and Acquisitions.

Patron would like to donate a GEDCOM.

  • Patron will need to be registered and signed in on FamilySearch to upload a GEDCOM.  From the main page, click Genealogies and then Submit Tree (near the bottom). Then follow the instructions. Detailed instructions can be found in help center document 1027933.

Patron would like to donate money to FamilySearch or the Family History Library.

Patron is searching online for materials he or she donated.

  • Have the patron go to and click on the Books tab. Enter the title in the search field, and check if it is online. Donations may take up to six moths to appear.

  • If the materials haven't appeared online after 6 months, then dispatch case to the FHL Donations queue.

Symptoms (Problems)
  • How can I donate a book or manuscript to the Family History Library?

  • Can I donate a GEDCOM to FamilySearch?

  • Can I make a donation of money to FamilySearch?

  • Can I donate an old missionary journal or other artifact to the FHL?

  • I can't find the book I donated? What happened to it?

Answer (Resolution)

How can I donate books or manuscripts to the Family History Library?

Many valuable records have been added to the Family History Library through the generosity of patron donations. We will need information about the records you want to donate so we can determine if they meet our criteria. With permission from the author, the material will be digitized and posted online at our website, At this site, researchers will be able to view the material free of charge. Donations can be sent to the following address:


Family History Library


35 North West Temple Street

Salt Lake City, UT 84150-1103

Please include the following information in all correspondence:

  • Information about the book or records (title, author, content, etc.).

  • Contact information (name, phone, email address).

Donations may also be delivered to the Family History Library donation desk, located in the main floor lobby or emailed to


For a complete list of items and guidelines for donating to FamilySearch, please see "Donations Guidelines 2009," attached to this document.

A summary of the items FamilySearch will accept is listed below:

FamilySearch will accept only materials that:

  • Are readable, organized, and accessible to help researchers identify individuals and relationships by name, date, and place.

  • Add new information to FamilySearch's collection, (duplicate materials are not accepted).

  • Fit on available shelf space.

  • Do not violate current privacy and copyright laws.

 FamilySearch accepts the following materials:

  • Autobiographies and biographies containing genealogical material.

  • Family histories with genealogical information.

  • Indexes to records.

  • Local histories, (limited).

  • Well organized collections of genealogical and research materials, (if preapproved by the Family History Library Rights and Acquisitions team).

FamilySearch accepts the following materials only if submitted with a "Permission to Duplicate" form, found at the bottom of this document, signed by the copyright owner or legal custodian of the original documents:

  • Census records.

  • Directories (limited).

  • Genealogical periodicals.

  • Newspaper extracts (such as obituaries).

  • Commercially available computer software.

  • Original records, such as cemetery records, church records and histories, court records, land records, military records, naturalization records, passenger lists, probate records, and vital records.

How can I donate a GEDCOM?

  1. Go to and sign in.

  2. Click on Genealogies.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Submit Tree.

  4. Follow the instructions. For a detailed explanation, see help center document 1027933

Can I donate money to FamilySearch or the Family History Library?

Yes, you can donate cash or goods through this website:

Can I donate an old missionary journal or other artifact?

The Family History library cannot accept donations of historical artifacts.  Please contact the Family and Church History Department at

Where do I find the materials I donated?

  • Go to, and click on Books.

  • Type the title of the book into the search box, and click Search.

    • Donated Materials can take up to six months to appear on the FamilySearch website.

    • If, after six months, your materials have not appeared, please contact


Note: Requests for filming of records at libraries, societies, etc. should be directed to

Permission Request Blank Form.pdf

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