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Is PAF going away?
Symptoms (Problems)
  • Is Personal Ancestral File being discontinued?
  • What is the future of PAF?
  • Is PAF compatible with the new FamilySearch?
  • Does the new FamilySearch replace PAF?
  • Is PAF dead?
  • Is PAF being dropped?

  • Can I still purchase PAF on a CD?

  • Is PAF compatible with FamilySearch Family Tree?

  • Does FamilySearch Family Tree replace PAF?

  • Do we support PAF Companion still?

Answer (Resolution)

Personal genealogy software

Support for Personal Ancestral File (PAF) was discontinued as of July 15, 2013. PAF is a desktop records manager app (family pedigree, family tree management), and such apps play a vital role in today’s research and documentation of family histories. FamilySearch has partnered with companies that provide an upgrade for patrons who would like to continue using desktop apps. These apps offer free versions and also offer additional functionality that PAF does not have, such as connecting to FamilySearch Family Tree. Please visit for full details on how to get started with these third-party products, as well as FAQs.


Though support of PAF itself ends, supporting patrons to migrate to third-party products will continue. Please see the migration guide here. is a web-based family tree that enables people to share and work together on common ancestral lines. In April 2013, FamilySearch introduced FamilySearch Family Tree to replace Essential data from will also then be available in FamilySearch Family Tree.

Personal genealogy software and FamilySearch Family Tree together

Given that PAF does not directly integrate with FamilySearch Family Tree, and is to be discontinued at a future point, we have provided solutions for PAF users to be able to take full advantage of FamilySearch Family Tree. The solution is to use third-party apps as explained here:

The discontinuation of PAF marks an exciting milestone of accomplishments throughout the world. Better products are available, and new opportunities are opening with regards to online services and partner activity. For more information about why PAF was discontinued, and about the future direction of FamilySearch and partners, please visit this FamilySearch blog post:


PAF Companion Support


As part of the end of life support for PAF, we also no longer support PAF Companion.  If a patron would like assistance or help using PAF Companion, please provide the following email where they can get their questions answered directly from Progeny Software:



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