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This document answers the following questions:
  • How do I download the SmartClient for the FamilySearch Support System?
  • How do I create a case?
  • How do I create a contact?
  • How do I dispatch a case?
  • How do I update a case?
  • How do I close a case?
  • How do I use the workflow options and features?
Downloading and Logging On to Amdocs, the FamilySearch Support System (FSSS)
You MUST use Internet Explorer for this process; no other browser will work.
To use Amdocs, you need Java (Java 6 update 37) installed on your computer. To install Java 6 update 29, see Item 1 (FamilySearch Automated Support Utility) of document 104790.
Use the following URLs to install either Training Amdocs or Production Amdocs. Click Launch Amdocs CRM. --FSSS Training: If you are using the Training Amdocs, please consult your trainer for the user name and password. --FSSS Production.
Note: Once you have downloaded the client to your desktop, you can access the FamilySearch Support System from the icon on your desktop. The icon will be called FSSS Training or FSSS Production.
Under each heading below, do the following:
  • Click the concepts to learn about the task.
  • Click the handout for a printable step-by-step guide.
  • Click the practice exercises for a handout with practice activities.
After you have completed the training, please complete the Survey
Find an Answer
Solving E-mail Cases

Handout: Solving E-mail Cases

Creating a Telephone Case

Handout: Create a Telephone Case



Handout: Dispatch a Case

Handout: Common Dispatch Queues

Update a Case

Handout: Update a Case


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