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Indexing Project Updates: US, Oklahoma - Allotment Records, 1899-1907
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Please review the project instructions at the links below before indexing batches. Review the information below the links for updates/revisions to the original project instructions


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Project Revisions and Reminders


Only index principle names.  Witnesses are not to be indexed.

Roll Number Field:

There are different ways in which the roll number may be shown on a document. The words 'roll' and 'number' may be separated by other words. Below are some examples of different ways the roll number may be shown.


In the example just above, note that there are three roll numbers given together. Number 267 would be indexed for Joe Perry, 268 for Dillard Perry and 269 for Gertrude Bruner.

Carbon Copies:

When some of the original documents which we are indexing in this project were made, they were made with carbon copies. Therefore, you may encounter carbon copies in the batches you download. They will look the same; but if you look closely, you will probably be able to see that the documents were folded in different places. You may also see small spots or marks on some which aren’t on the others. An original copy will appear sharper and therefore somewhat easier to read. A duplicate image occurs when two pictures are taken of the same page or document. Images of carbon copies are not actual duplicate images because they are not pictures of the same piece of paper; but for this project, please handle carbon copies as if they were duplicates. Index the one which is clearest and easiest to read, and mark any others in the batch as duplicate images. Do not mark any image as a duplicate unless you have another image of the same document in the batch, and it has been indexed.

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