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Indexing Project Updates: Chile - Civil Registration, 1885-1900
Links to Project Instructions

Please review the project instructions at the links below before indexing batches. Review the information below the links for updates/revisions to the original project instructions.


Project Home Page | Project-Specific Instructions | Field Helps


Spanish Language Help

Document 102333 Setting up the indexing program instructions and features in Spanish

Project Revisions and Reminders

Common Mistakes being made in this project:

  • Some information on records is being missed.  Please read the documents carefully to find all the information on the document for which there are indexing fields. 
  • On some batches, only the first record on an image is being indexed.  Please check carefully to make sure that all the records on the image are indexed.  You may need to add extra records.  If you need help adding extra records, click 101228 Adding or deleting indexing lines (records) in a batch
Arbitrator Helps

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