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How to tag photos of different people that have the same name
Symptoms (Problems)
  • How do I tag a photo that has two people with the same name?
  • How do I tag a photo that has the same person in it more than once?
  • My photos list has the same person twice.
Answer (Resolution)
Often a family will have multiple people with the same name. To group your photos by person, each must have a unique name (tag). To create unique names, consider some of the following possibilities as you upload photos for a new person:

  • If the people are a father and son, use Jr. or Sr., such as Samuel Johnson Adams Jr.
  • Consider using a birth year, such as Samuel Johnson Adams, 1863.
  • You could also give the birth and death years, such as Samuel Johnson Adams 1863-1927. 
  • For a woman's name, you might add a married name, such as Martha Ann McCaffe (Johnson).

When tagging a photo that has the same person in it more than once and this is the first photo you have of this person:

  1. Tag the person in the photo. Do not tag the second instance of that same person.
  2. Refresh the page. (This will add the person's name to the history.)
  3. Tag the second instance of that same person in the photo. This allows you to reuse the name from the history and associate it to the same person.

If you have found that under your Photos section ( you now have your ancestor listed twice and possibly have each one linked to the ancestor's ID number in Family Tree, you can do the following to fix it:

  1. Find the duplicate ancestors in your People Photos section.

  2. Determine which ancestor appearing on the list is the duplicate that you would like to delete. Often you can tell by the default image you have selected. Usually the default image is the first tagged image that was uploaded. **Remember this image, as it will help you to know which name to untag in step 6 below.**
  3. Select the duplicate ancestor photo from the People Photos section by clicking on the person's photo.
  4. Click the View Family Tree link (if it is linked to an ID number in Family Tree), and click Unlink to unlink it from the Family Tree.

  5. The photos tagged by the duplicate ancestor account will now be shown. (Often at this step the program will change from displaying many photos to just a couple. This is because the photos are no longer associated with the other ancestor account through the ID number that you unlinked).

  6. Click on each photo listed, and untag the incorrect duplicate account name from the photo. Use the default image to determine if it is the duplicate account name. Also, the unlinked account will appear with a red exclamation point. 

  7. Retag the same photo with the correct ancestor's name if it is not yet tagged. Determine this by confirming the default image associated with the ancestor's name you are typing. 
  8. Reload the People Photos section to confirm the second ancestor is now deleted. (

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