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Indexing Project Updates: US, 1930 Federal Census
Links to Project Instructions

Please review the project instructions at the links below before indexing batches. Review the information below the links for updates or revisions to the original project instructions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to index military ranks recorded in the Relationship Field?

A. Index the ranks of the individuals in the relationship field as recorded by the enumerator. Relationships of ranks are not in the Lookup List and need to be accepted in Quality Check. 

Q. How to index family numbers that include letters (265A, 265B, etc.)?

A. Index only the numbers just as written, omitting the letter. Fractions in family numbers should be handled the same way.  Index only the whole numbers.

Q. What is the letter 'H' after the relationship for some of the individuals on the form and is the letter 'H" to be indexed?

 A. On the 1930 census, the enumerator was instructed to "Indicate the home-maker in each family by the letter 'H', after the word which shows the relations, as 'Wife-H'".  Do not include the letter 'H' when indexing the record.



Q. Why are the letters 'ab' recorded after the name for some of the individuals on the form and are the letters to be indexed?

A. On the 1930 census, the enumerator was instructed to ask if any family members were temporarily absent.  If so, the names were to be listed either with the household or on the last schedule for the census subdivision.  The letters "ab" (absent) or "np" (not present) are not to be indexed.

Q. How to index Place of Birth Canada-French or Canada-English?

A. Index only country name Canada. Do not index ethnicity.

Q. Are Place of Birth, Irish Free State and Northern Ireland to be changed to Ireland?

A. Index as Irish Free State or Northern Ireland.  Do not change to Ireland.

Q. The image has two pages.  How to index?

A. Index the Header Data information from the first page. Click 101228 to see how to add records to index all the records from both pages.

Q. How to index the Tribe or Degree of Blood recorded in the Place of Birth field when indexing Native American names?

A. Index only place names.  Mark the field <BLANK> or Ctrl+B.

Project Revisions and Reminders

Batches with some fields already filled in

  • Ancestry prepared the index for Key A.

  • Additional fields added by FamilySearch:

    • line number

    • family number

    • sex

    • marital status

    • father's place of birth

    • mother's place of birth

    • immigration year

  • Half of the batches are partially indexed batches in which you only need to add indexing for the missing fields to the previously indexed records.

  • The other half of the batches are regular indexing batches where all the fields need to be indexed.

Partially indexed batches that do not match the image

If you download a partially indexed batch but the indexing doesn't match the image, re-index the information, correcting or replacing the data in the fields as necessary.

US, Merchant Seamen - Multiple ships recorded on the census

Index the header data field as blank.

Arbitrator Helps

Problems Submitting Batch

Because of a discrepancy in a hidden PID Number or Enumeration Number field, arbitrations batches do not submit The fields need to be unhidden and the discrepancy reconciled.

  1. On the menu bar at the top of the screen, click View.

  2. At the bottom of the drop-down box, click Organize Fields.

  3. Click the name of the field.

  4. Click the left arrow to move the field to the Selected Fields list.

  5. Click Okay.

  6. Choose Key A to resolve the discrepancy.

You should now be able to submit the batch. However, if the batch still does not submit, try clicking File on the menu bar, and then click Submit.  If another hidden field comes up, select Key A, and then try submitting again.


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