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"Unable to launch application" and other Java errors when opening indexing
Symptoms (Problems)
  • I get an error launching or creating an application and can't get into indexing.

  • The Download Batch... button does not work.

  • I get an iude.jnlp can't load error.
  • I get the error that JAR resources in the JNLP file are not signed by the same certificate.
  • I am having trouble with distorted images or choppy images.

  • I get a "Could not find main class" error message.

  • I get a "Server not available" error message.

Answer (Resolution)

The instructions below are for Windows; if using a Mac, click here, if using Linux, click here.


Before reinstalling the program from the website, remove any and all old versions of FamilySearch indexing, including desktop icons.  Go to the Control Panel and uninstall FamilySearch indexing.  If the desktop shortcut, or icon, remains, right click the icon and click Delete.


1. Install the indexing program from the website:

  • Go to

  • Click Get Started.

  • Click Download Now.

  • Click Run or Save (depending on your browser version).

  • Complete the steps to install and launch the indexing program.

Installing the new version of the program should resolve many of the Java incompatibility issues we have seen in the past.  The indexing program now works with a version of the Java program that is installed separately to work directly and only with the indexing program.


Note:  If a Java cup icon installs instead of the indexing icon (tan parchment with black tree), see document 111337.


2. If any problems occur with the new installation of the indexing program, reset the router:  If the computer has a router, firewall, or access point, unplug that for 30 seconds, then plug back in. Try launching indexing.

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