How to use the inContact telephone system (JIT: Just in Time)

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Please use this training for agents in your areas. If an agent comes to you with a problem that you cannot fix, escalate the problem to Eric Wagner.
InContact is a program on the Internet that allows you to answer, route, and track telephone calls from patrons. InContact tracks all incoming calls, calls waiting, and calls taken. By using inContact, you can:
  • Answer phone calls.
  • Transfer calls to others or place a caller on hold.
  • Create conference calls.
  • Record telephone calls.
To complete this training, do the following:
  • Read this knowledge document completely.
  • Click to view the guided demonstration Navigating in inContactNote: If you have tabs enabled in IE, enable tab settings as described in KD 106493.
  • Click to view the guided demonstration Taking Calls Using inContact.
  • Click to see a printable inContact handout for your reference. Note: Do not close the background in inContact if you have tabs enabled in IE.
  • Practice using inContact. Click for practice instructions.
  • Add a desktop shortcut for inContact using the instructions found in KD 104109.
Additional Instructions
  • If you will be calling internationally, please refer to for calling codes. Note: inContact will be adding country codes to the system in a future upgrade.
  • If you have technical difficulties, please report them to your supervisor or team leader.
The following information is for supervisors only
We are working on supervisor training for you. In the meantime, please use the following resources:
  • Click for recorded training links.
  • Click for manuals. Note: This is a .zip file. Save it to your desktop, and then unzip it to access the .pdfs.


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