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Using the Matching Records tab during arbitration
Symptoms (Problems)
  • How can I make full use of all the tools under the Matching Records tab during arbitration?
Answer (Resolution)

To prevent the loss of arbitration work, arbitrators need to complete the Record Matching tab first.  To see illustrated instructions for this process, click here to go to the Lesson 2:  Arbitration Record Matching page. 


  • Records need to match in Key A and Key B.  The Record Matching table shows all differences of letters, words, and records in red print.  




Check record matching before starting to arbitrate.  The system automatically opens to the record matching tab.  If the batch is a register-type document, with multiple records on one image, first check that the records from the A indexer and B indexer line up or match.  Either one or the other of the indexers might have accidentally skipped a row or duplicated a row so that the names do not match.  If arbitration is started and then it is found that some rows need to be realigned, any arbitration work already complete must be re-arbitrated.

Note:  No values can be entered or changed while the Record Matching tab is active.

  1. Click the Record Matching tab if the tab does not automatically open after downloading a batch.  All the records for the first image from both the A and B indexers are displayed in the order in which the indexers typed them.  We refer to the indexed work as “Key A Records” and “Key B Records.”
  2. Compare the names between the two columns.  Use the scroll bar to scroll down through the records.  Be sure that a check is in front of Scroll Lock.


  1. Tip:  All nonmatching letters are displayed in red.  Some red is expected, since the values between the indexers might have some differences.  When most of the values between the two are different, the rows probably do not match.  For example, in the graphic Key A, where the green line is, a record for Cottrell, Karl S is missing.  Every record after the missing record now appears to have numerous differences.  To correct Key A:

  1. Highlight Cottrell, Karl S in Key B.

  2. Click the No Matching Record button to insert a blank record in Key A.



In many of the free-form multi-record projects where the Tools>Records Per Image function is available for each separate image, if a line was overlooked when in Record Matching, try going to Tools or Records per Image to amend the number of records on that particular image. However, in doing so, the arbitration work may be lost but can be started again as previously noted.


If a batch is downloaded that consists of multiple images with only one record per image, the record matching feature is of no value as each image must be arbitrated separately.

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