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The Arbitration Results tab in indexing
Symptoms (Problems)
  • How am I doing as an indexer?

  • What is the Arbitration Results tab in the indexing program?

  • How do I use the Arbitration Results tab?

  • I have the page open for review, but no image shows.

  • I have a black screen where the image should be.

  • Why do only some fields show my value and the arbitrator's value?

  • Why is my arbitration batch not showing?

  • When can I view Arbitration Results on my submitted batches?

Answer (Resolution)

What is "Arbitration Results"?


The Arbitration Results feature is a tool to help individuals improve their indexing. Arbitration Results was created in response to an overwhelming number of requests from indexers and arbitrators.


The intent of arbitration is to allow indexers to see when the arbitrator has changed information entered by the indexer and to review fields that were changed. Changes are reported as a percentage of entries an arbitrator has changed. When reviewing values changed by the arbitrator, the indexer can review project information, project updates, and field helps to see why their work was changed.


If the indexer disagrees with changes made by the arbitrator, the indexer is encouraged to click the feedback button. The Feedback feature gives FamilySearch an opportunity to gather information needed to improve the quality and accuracy of arbitration. FamilySearch is constantly striving to improve the accuracy of the records available to researchers. We appreciate feedback responses which help us meet our goals for accuracy.


How Can I Review the Batches that Make Up My Score?


The Arbitration Results tab is found on the right side of the screen when the indexing program opens:

The score shown is an average of all batches that have been arbitrated over the past 90 days. For details, click Review Batches.



A login screen opens where the LDS or FamilySearch user name and password must be entered:




The Recently Arbitrated Batches screen appears:

Notice that once a batch has been opened and reviewed, the date the indexer looked at the batch appears in the Date Reviewed column.

No date in the Date Reviewed column means that a particular batch has not been opened for review by the indexer.


If a question mark appears in the Accuracy column instead of a percentage, the batch was not scored for any number of reasons, such as:

  • The batch might have been returned by the indexer or by the arbitrator as No Extractable Data, Blank Image, or Duplicate

  • The question mark might indicate the arbitrator returned that batch to be re-indexed because:

    • A significant number of records were skipped

    • Instructions were not understood or adhered to on too many fields

    • The wrong image was indexed because the indexer mistakenly used the previous or next image

    • The arbitrator could have accidentally returned the wrong batch to be re-indexed

A batch returned does not affect an indexer's Arbitration Results percentage  

Batches that have been returned for re-indexing do not display an image or data for the indexer to review.

Redo Batches

A redo batch is one that has been returned by an arbitrator for re-indexing as explained above.  Stake indexing directors and Administrators get reports showing how many redo batches their indexers have had, however batches marked No Extractable Data, Blank Image, or Duplicate are not reported. 



After the indexer has clicked on a scored batch to review, a new window opens to display the image that was indexed.

Only data that has been changed is shown. An indexer can see what he or she entered under "My Value" and the changed

data the arbitrator entered, under "Arbitrated Value." For each instance that an arbitrator changed the original information,

a Feedback link appears:

To gain the most benefit from Arbitration Results, an indexer should compare both values with the image, comparing with project information and field helps to determine why the value was changed. Differences in interpreting handwriting are to be expected. Remember that we are all learning. Indexers and arbitrators both benefit from reviewing Arbitration Results. We have asked that all arbitrators index one batch for every 5 to 10 batches arbitrated. Ideally, an arbitrator should index the same projects he or she intends to arbitrate, reviewing their arbitration results as a method of learning from other arbitrators. We hope that all volunteers use Arbitration Results as guidelines and aids to improve the quality of the indexes we publish. 


Note: Sometimes the review window does not appear to contain an image. Using the Zoom, Rotate, Reset, or Full Size

buttons can assist the indexer in locating the image. To change the image size, use the Zoom In, Zoom Out, or Full Size

buttons. To rotate the image, use the Rotate Left or Rotate Right buttons. To move the image, hover the cursor over the

image, and left-click and while holding the left mouse button, drag the mouse slowly. The image moves with the mouse.



How soon can I review my submitted indexing batches?

We cannot give a time frame for when indexed batches appear on the Arbitration Results screen. Each batch is indexed by two people; we refer to them as the Key A indexer and the Key B indexer. One indexer might complete his or her batch today, while the other indexer's batch might not be downloaded for several weeks or months. In addition, even after both keys are indexed, that batch might not come up for arbitration for additional weeks or months. Much depends upon the popularity of the project how many batches are waiting for arbitration. Indexers might not see Arbitration Results on batches for many months. Once a batch appears, indexers have 90 days to review.


What Happens If I Disagree with the Arbitrator?


After reviewing the batch, if the indexer disagrees with the arbitrator, he or she can click Feedback, which brings up the screen below:


The Feedback button should be clicked only ONCE per field (meaning if all residence fields have been arbitrated incorrectly, click Feedback only one time for the residence field issue). Click Feedback only when documenting that the arbitrator clearly has not complied with Project Instructions, Updates, Field Helps, or Basic Indexing Guidelines.


Check the Please Review box. Although indexers are not notified of the outcome of their response, be assured that a group of authorized individuals review reports of arbitration complaints and take action when necessary. Contacting FamilySearch Support by telephone or email does not yield different results and is not recommended. Arbitration Results scores cannot be "corrected" or changed regardless of the outcome.


Arbitration Results assists in improving indexing and allows us to publish more accurate records.

If a black screen appears when trying to view batches, complete the instructions below in Internet Explorer:


  1. In IE click Tools

  2. Select Internet Options

  3. Click the Security tab

  4. Click Trusted Sites

  5. Click the Sites box

  6. Type https://*

  7. Click the Add button

  8. Click Close

  9. Click Tools

  10. Click Internet Options

  11. Select the Security tab

  12. Click the Custom Level button

  13. In the Miscellaneous section change Display mixed content to Enable

If the steps above do not resolve the issue, please try enabling Compatibility View (see document 112561) in your browser, or use a different browser (such as Firefox).


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