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How to edit international characters when arbitrating
Symptoms (Problems)
  • If both indexers omit international characters, should they be added by the arbitrator?

  • How does an arbitrator add international characters?


Answer (Resolution)

Arbitrators make changes in the Arbitrator column of the arbitration pane, including adding international characters if not included by either indexer.  A display of available international characters appears when the icon


 on the entry tool bar is clicked.





    Note:  When an arbitrator does not agree with either Key A or Key B and decides to enter a new value for a field, the new information must be typed in the Arbitrator Column shown above.  When the arbitrator agrees with one Key or the other, he or she can either click in the Key A Column or the Key B Column, or click the Accept A or Accept B button in the Arbitration tab.                       

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