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Ordinances for family members who were victims of the Jewish Holocaust
Instructions for Area Support

Create a case with detailed information and dispatch it with a pedigree chart attached to Data Quality. They will determine the status of the ordinances and whether or not the patron can submit ordinances that have not been done.


Do NOT promise the patron any specific results.

Answer (Resolution)

Members cannot do the ordinances for Jewish Holocaust victims except under the following conditions:

  • They are an immediate family member of the deceased (defined as parents, spouse, or children), or
  • They have permission of all living immediate family members, or
  • They have permission of the closest living relative if no immediate family members are living. 

If you meet these requirements and desire to submit ordinances, you may contact us for assistance. You may also submit your request in writing with a GEDCOM file showing your relationship, to:


Family History Department
ATTN: Family History Support

50 East North Temple St., Rm. 599
Salt Lake City, UT 84015-3400


According to the agreements between the Church and Jewish groups records were removed from the International Genealogical Index (IGI). All other Church genealogical records (such as the Ancestral File and Pedigree Resource File) still contain Jewish names.


Also see Policies for Submitting Names for Temple Ordinances 16057


NOTE: If you have specific names for which you are seeking ordinance information, we can help you know whether ordinances have been performed for your ancestors. Please follow the instructions above.

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