Magento FamilySearch Microfilm Ordering (JIT: Just in Time)

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The FamilySearch Microfilm Ordering Web site provides services to family history center patrons in some parts of the world. On this site, a patron may place loan orders for microfilm and microfiche. He or she will be able to create an account, retrieve a password, place an order, and cancel an order.

To see the FamilySearch Microfilm Ordering Web site, go to:

The Magento Administration Panel Web site is for FHC directors, affiliate libraries, and MOC administrators to regulate microform orders. By logging in to the system, administrators can search, view history statuses, and see contact information on a particular order. They will also oversee marking the status for items, whether received, returned, or back-ordered.

To see the Magento Administration Panel Web site, go to
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