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Order a microfilm or microfiche using the Online Film Ordering website
Symptoms (Problems)
  • I would like to understand how to find film numbers so I can order a microfilm.
  • I need to understand how to order a microfilm using Online Film Ordering.
Answer (Resolution)

Before placing a film order at the Online Film Ordering website, you need to get the film number from the Catalog. Follow the steps illustrated below.

1. Go to Click  Search.







2. Click Catalog.


If you prefer to see the catalog in the earlier format, click the previous version link.



3. Search for the information you are seeking. You can select Place Name, Last Names, Titles, Author, Subjects, or Keywords. The default search is a Place Name search. In the illustration, we will search Place Name to find records about a particular place. Type a place name in the search box. Click the matching place from the list that appears. Click Search.




4. Notice the list of topics for the place for the location. Click the record type you are interested in.



5. From the list of specific records, click the title of the record you would like to order.


6. Read the information about the record, including the Notes section. The Notes section will alert you to any restrictions on the record.


Notice that this record does not circulate to family history centers, so you will not be able to order it.



7. If the record has no restrictions, scroll down to the Film Notes to find the film number. If using the new version of the catalog, click the film number to go to the Online Film Ordering website and place the order.




 The ordering process is illustrated below. Please note: Loan prices vary according to your locality. Please disregard prices in the illustrations below.

Go to if you did not click the film number link.

Before you begin ordering, you will need to sign in. You might already have an LDS Account or a FamilySearch Account. LDS Accounts are used by LDS Church members to access their stake and ward websites and to log in to FamilySearch Accounts are used by our community friends who do indexing. If you do not have either type of account, click Create an Account.


Select the kind of account you want to create, and follow the instructions that will appear on your computer screen.


After creating an account, or if you already have an LDS or FamilySearch Account, click Sign In in the upper right corner of the screen.


Type in your user name and password, and click Sign In. Note that you can also click Forgot your user name or password?  if you need to recover your sign-in information.


The first time patrons sign in to the Online Film Ordering website, they will be prompted to select a family history center where orders will be delivered for viewing. To select a center, select the country and state. A list of available centers and libraries will appear. Choose the appropriate location, and click Save.


After signing in, you need to select a family history center or public library where films will be sent for searching. See document 110854 for instructions.


If you came to the Online Film Ordering website by clicking the film number in the catalog, the number will be filled in for you. Otherwise, type in the film number. Click Search under the film number field.



Click the circle beside the loan type you desire.

Click the ?  beside each loan type to learn more about each loan type.

Click Add to Cart.



If the film is restricted and cannot circulate to family history centers and affiliate public libraries, a message appears indicating that the film is not currently available for loan. Restrictions are placed on the film or fiche by the copyright holder. You will not be able to place an order for this film.



Repeat the steps to add another film to the cart. Continue until you have added all the items you want to order.


If you decide you do not want an item in the Shopping Cart, click the X to the left of the item.


When you have the items you want to order in your Shopping Cart, click Proceed to Checkout.


Verify your billing information, and click Continue.


You may pay using any credit card, debit card, or prepaid card that has the MasterCard or Visa brand. Or you may use PayPal.


Select the payment method you want to use, and click Continue.


Review your order.




Read the Microfilm Use Agreement. Click the I Accept box, and then click Place Order.


Review the Shipping Information. This shows the family history center that you have selected to view the microfilm or microfiche.


Review your billing information.


Select your credit card type, and type in the card number and expiration information. Please enter your card number carefully, without spaces and without dashes. Review what you have typed to be sure that both the number and the expiration date have been entered accurately.


NOTE: We do not retain your credit card information. You will need to enter the card type and card number each time you order.


Click Place Order.


A message will appear that your order has been received.


You may click to print a copy of the order confirmation for your records.

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