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WinXP SP3 Desktop 5.9 DVD for family history centers
Instructions for Area Support

Instructions on how to order the DVD or for answers to Frequently Asked Questions and the accompanying Family History Computer Hardware and Software Order FORM are found in knowledge document 104792. The form will need to be completed and signed by the stake president before a DVD can be sent to the family history center director.

If FHCs are having trouble installing these older images on systems in their FHC, have them run a custom install and deselect all additional applications. Once the OS has completed it's install, they can install Tivoli and use the application finder to install 3rd party applications.

Answer (Resolution)

WinXP SP3 Desktop 5.9 installation DVD is available for distribution to family history centers. Information concerning the DVD is as follows:

  • The WinXP SP3 Desktop 5.9 installation disk is ONLY available on DVD. If your PC does not have a DVD drive, you can replace the CD drive with a DVD drive or use an external DVD drive on some PC models to complete the installation. FamilySearch Support does not provide DVD drives as an upgrade to center computers.

  • The WinXP SP3 Desktop 5.9 installation disk is NOT an “image” disk. Because it is not an image, the same disk will install on nearly any PC, regardless of the manufacturer and hardware. Note: A valid XP or downgraded Vista or Windows 7 license is required for each system that the disk is installed on. See knowledge document 104792 for related licensing information.

  • The WinXP SP3 Desktop 5.9 installation disk is a clean installation of XP, which also includes some of the Family History software products (such as PAF 2–5, Family History Library Catalog, FamilySearch DOS, etc.). Because it is a clean XP install and not an image, the registry is much cleaner, allowing the PC to run much more efficiently.

  • The same WinXP SP3 Desktop 5.9 installation disk can be used for both a standard desktop configuration and a digital imaging system configuration. During setup, the user is asked to select which type of installation he or she is doing.

  • In addition to the WinXP SP3 installation, several useful utilities are available on the disk which can be accessed during setup. They can be used to recover data from a hard drive that won’t boot, wipe off a drive to donate it, download missing drivers, etc.

Note: The WinXP SP3 Desktop 5.9 installation disk is only sent to the family history center director, and only then if the order has been submitted on a Family History Computer Hardware and Software Order form, which form has been signed by the stake president. See knowledge document 104792 for the needed form. For additional information, please contact Family History Center Support. Contact information is found at  


The WinXP SP3 Desktop 5.9 installation disk is currently available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

The following software is also included on the WinXP SP3 Desktop 5.9 installation disk:

  • Family History Library Catalog for Windows

  • FamilySearch DOS 2.27

    • U.S. Military Index

    • Scottish Church Records

    • Family History Library Catalog (FHLC)

  • OpenOffice

  • Personal Ancestral File (PAF) 2.3.1 through 5.2

  • Sophos AntiVirus and Firewall

Note: Installing any other licensed software is a local-unit decision and expense; however, such software must be removed if it interferes with any Church-produced software.


Attached below:

Hardware or Software Order FORM (Order_Hardware_Software_Jan2012.pdf)


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