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Indexing Project Updates: Canada, Ontario--Births 1869-1912
Links to Project Instructions

Please review the project instructions at the links below before indexing batches. Review the information below the links for updates or revisions to the original project instructions.


Project Home Page | Project-Specific Instructions | Field Helps


Sample Images

There are several types of records in this project, including:

Project Revisions and Reminders

Batches with only Partial Records

Some batches have only one page when the record spans two pages. If you get an image which has only the first page or the second page of a two page record, index the information on each image as shown. If the information for a field is not on the image, mark the field as blank. The records are combined in post-processing.

Below are examples of records which span two pages. The top is the first page; the bottom is the second page. The information to be indexed on the second page is underlined.


Batches with some fields already filled in

Some batches will have previously indexed data.

If you receive a partially indexed batch, proofread all the fields, make any needed changes, and submit the batch.

Unable to Submit Batch 

If you are unable to submit the batch, check to see if the indexing is complete. A possible reason for not being able to submit the batch is the Header Data has not been indexed. To read more about how to Index the Header Data, click 107191 Indexing or arbitrating the Header Data.

Certificate Number

Index the stamped number rather than the handwritten number.


Arbitrator Helps

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