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Using the download batch button for indexing
Symptoms (Problems)
  • How can I download a batch in a specific project in the FamilySearch indexing program?

  • Can I choose a certain project to index?

  • Is there some way I can have only batches from a certain project to index?

  • What do I use the F4 or F12 keys for when selecting a project?

Answer (Resolution)

You can let the system send you the next batch in the line, or you can select a project that interests you or matches your particular abilities, such as skill, language, or type of record.

To have the system download a batch of images for you:

Click the Download Batch button, located in the upper left corner of the My Work section of the screen, to download any batch in the role you select.

When you click the Download Batch button, the Download Batch dialog box appears, and the highest priority project is highlighted. If you move the cursor off the highlighted project, the project name appears in red, so the user can easily identify the highest priority project. To select the project you want to index, just double-click on the project name, and it will download.

The highest priority project according to your preferences is automatically downloaded when you press the F4 orF12 function keys while on the application start page. (NOTE: If you are an arbitrator and have theRole drop-down box selected, pressingF4 will open or close the drop-down list. To download a batch using the F4 key, click out of the Role drop-down list [click in the My Messages or My Personal Goal area], and press F4 again.)

If Show all projects is selected, all the projects will be shown.  If Show preferred projects is selected, only those projects chosen by you when you set your preferences will be shown.  To set preferences, see Knowledge Document 107184. If you want to change your preferences, click on Edit My Preferences.

  1. Click on the Description to have the list sort by language.  Click onLevel to have the list sort by level of difficulty.

  2. Click on the project you want to work on.

  3. Click the Download button.  A batch of your choice will automatically load onto your computer.

Note:You can download up to 10 batches at one time. However, you may receive fewer batches than you requested if there are not many available at the time of your request.  The default is set at 1 batch, but you can change that, using the Number of batches to download option in the bottom left corner of the box.  They are time stamped and must be completed in that time (usually 7 days).  Most batches have samples you can view by clicking the View Sample button.  You can view them before you select a batch.

Note:To learn about how the FamilySearch indexing system works, press F1 from anywhere within the Indexing program.

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