Using FamilySearch Family Tree: A Reference Guide (October 18, 2013)

Undoing a Merge

When records are merged, one record remains in Family Tree. The other is deleted and stored in an archive for a period of time. If the merge needs to be undone, and if the preserved record was not changed after the merge, then you can undo the merge. If the record was changed, restore the archived person instead.

If the record has been deleted permanently, you cannot undo the merge.

  1. Open the details page of the person whose record was merged:
    1. On the tree, click the person’s name. The summary card appears.

    2. On the person’s summary card, click Person. The person’s details page appears.

  2. In the Latest Changes box, click Show all. A list of all the changes appears. Changes that resulted from a merge are identified with a gray bar along the left side of the list.


  3. Find the name of the deleted person, and click Unmerge. A screen appears on which you can see the records that were merged.

  4. Enter a reason that explains why this merge should be undone.
  5. Click Unmerge.
The record of the deleted person is restored.

If the two records are not about the same person, and if the records appear in the list of possible duplicates, review the duplicates again. This time, select the Not a Match option.

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